A collaborative evolution introduced to the world’s growing esports industry for the new generation

Singapore, August 1, 2019 — In an effort to globalize esports further and bring about the next dimension of holiday experiences, Esports Holidays has partnered with the world’s largest esports company ESL, to launch an innovative scheme for the new generation of youngsters.
Esports Holidays and ESL will introduce the fun factor to young adults enrolled in holiday camps during their school breaks with all-new prolific Esports Holiday Camps, promising an exciting yet educational experience to a target group above the age of 12.

Launching across the globe in Singapore, Japan, Italy and Germany, the first Esports Holiday Camps will happen during the summer break and aim to expand the esports industry’s significance through daily and residential camps. Equipped with certified coaches and stateof-the-art gaming consoles, the camps will nurture students’ gameplay skills with real-time
feedback, educate them on the role of the esports industry, as well as include schemes to develop players’ reflexes and young minds.

“Gaming and esports are the thing for generation Z and millennials. We should understand it and offer solutions for it. Educate them and us,” said Frank Sliwka, Esports Holidays Founder. “This is why I believe our new partnership with ESL to bring Esports Holidays Camps to the world will prove to be a step forward in esports. We’re excited for you to see what this
collaboration will bring to the table in shaping the future of game development among the younger generations and their parents.”

With the lucrative multibillion-dollar esports industry now bringing in a global viewership of 1.1 billion, 80% between the ages of 18 and 34 (Newzoo, 2019), the Esports Holiday Camps will present an integrated and holistic approach, allowing children to progress within the field
and providing awareness to parents on the numerous opportunities and capabilities for those in esports.

The inception of Esports Holiday Camps will work as a unique development for both Esports Holidays and ESL in pioneering the new stage of esports. This partnership focuses on the journey, experience and know-how required in esports development which can implement similar approaches in the education of youngsters and parents in the esports pipeline, from
the community, interaction in learning quality and technology integration. These camps will then fuel the next generation of leaders with accessible, innovative and relevant pre-job training, sustaining the future growth of society in the 21st century.